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Practical Tools and Coping Strategies for Maintaining Balance:

  • Learn and experience many approaches to self-care.
  • Enhance your ability to stay grounded and focused.
  • Have tools on hand that will help you cope with daily stress.
  • Establish a better attitude toward your unique personal challenges.
  • Learn to set goals that prioritize self-care and self-nurturance.
  • Recover from anxious thoughts that paralyze you.
  • Create new self-affirming patterns in your life.
  • Affirmations to help you reset your mind to a state of resiliency
  • Soothing, restorative guided mediations include in the sessions.
  • Breathing techniques and evidence-based/alternative healing tools to calm the nervous system.

Tools of Wellness and Inner Healing

Organizational Wellness Consulting, Mindfulness Education by Gloria Drewitz Author, Board Certified Practitioner

We help large organizations take steps to help employees maintain equilibrium and cope in these uniquely stressful times. Participants appreciate the support they receive from our work. Restora Hypnosis is a leader in providing solutions to promote better work-life balance by offering a wide range of custom-tailored programs that promote well-being. The programs include follow-up materials that reinforce making healthy lifestyle changes. Restora Hypnosis founder Gloria Drewitz has developed state of the art programs and has worked with many diverse organizations. See below:

Gloria Drewitz Graduated from Stony Brook University Phi Beta Kappa with a concentration in Multidisciplinary Studies. She is certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy in Ericksonian Hypnosis. She received special training in Addiction Hypnotherapy, Forensic/ Investigative Hypnosis, and Memory Retrieval. Ms. Drewitz is a non-denominational Chaplain and has completed a two-year program sponsored by the National Institute for Inner Healing that allows her to be recognized as an Inner Healing Provider. She has developed a wide range of self-improvement programs that focus on improving people’s quality of life who thought that change would be impossible.

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