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What Is

Restora Hypnosis

A life-giving process for individuals and organizations that uses the tools of hypnosis to create positive changes. The Restora process will support you in going from your present to your preferred future. The process creates the focus needed to triumph over challenges and reach important goals. It helps change destructive habits into constructive habits.

The Restora process uses traditional hypnosis, education as well as visualization, meditation and self-hypnosis techniques to produce dynamic change and progress.

For those that embrace it, Restora’s methods can provide a journey of growth, satisfaction and accomplishment.

There is scientific evidence that supports the use of hypnosis as a helpful tool. Scientists have discovered that thought patterns in the brain are not “fixed” and that new neurological pathways in the brain can continue to form throughout life.

Restora hypnosis will help you move toward reaching your fullest potential.

Whether the goal is being at your personal best for an important event, dealing better with environmental stressors, staying disciplined to reach a weight-loss or quitting smoking goal. Restora Hypnosis can help you to stop sabotaging your outcome.

Restora Hypnosis sessions may be used in conjunction with, but are not meant to replace the care of a licensed medical or mental health professional.

Starting the Process

For more information on our services call: (516) 242-4784

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